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About the Photographer ~ Lissa Barber

I'm a professional portrait, landscape and travel photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. As owner and primary photographer of Lissa Barber Photography it's important for me to stay current and keep learning my craft. I do that as a member and former member of the board of directors of the Montana Professional Photographers Association. I, also, have membership in the National PPA.

My degree is in journalism from Ohio University. My intrigue in images on paper, though, took me away from the written word and led me to my passion of photography. My photography background includes studio work, industrial photography in the Midwest, and running a camera store in the busy tourist town of Jackson, Wyoming.

I love to document people, places and things whether in the studio or on the streets. My current fascination is with the people and architecture of the island of Cuba. I will make my third trip to Cuba in the fall of 2015.

Please join me on my various journeys by visiting the pages of this website.